Wednesday, October 5, 2016

No such thing as only one

In a world such as ours, a world of quantum wave/particle fields, there is no such thing as one of anything. This insight came to me in the bath. I watched a single droplet hit the surface of the water and emanate concentric peaks and troughs outward. Then I imagined this in three dimensions. In that moment, I realized that our understanding of every object is contained within its own three-dimensional sphere of transformations.

On the left is a graphic I created to try to show how our concept of a circle (as shown in the center), includes every size and transformation from the centre to the periphery, every point within the sphere, until it becomes so small at the edged that it extinguishes into nothing. This also shows how we may very well create an 'anchor pattern', as shown in the centre, as a prototypical symbol, and use this as our mental reference, and also as a shared symbol for language.

This idea also explains how we can "know" or understand a that a distorted circle, or one that is larger or smaller than our anchor pattern, is ALSO recognized as a circle.

I would call this transformation sphere, with an anchor pattern, a CONCEPT.