Monday, September 21, 2009

Transient Equilibrium

Everything around us, and everything inside of us, is always moving, transitioning from one state to another. A steady-state is reached, and then another transition is underway, striving towards yet another steady-state, and yet another state of transient equilibrium. It continues. Life evolving.

My recent studies of sacred geometry (The Flower of Life) have me considering geometric structures as patterns of equilibrium that are never quite reached or held for long in a world that is always shimmering with movement. It's as if physical matter aspires to realize these configurations, perhaps because they are economical, and cost the least amount of energy.

There are certain arrangements, certain configurations that are more optimal for the form of physical structures. Why? Because they represent a state of equilibrium that is balanced amongst oppositional forces? This is beginning to sound very much like chemistry...

Flower of Life 6 shown above is by Peter W. Michel