Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Our Minds Understand Arrangements as Singular Entities

Our minds understand arrangements - literally, a range of variants as a single object. We know and accept that within a certain bounded range of possibilities, certain transformations are possible and acceptable for a shape. For example, a circle retains its identity to us even across a range of transformations. Escher understood this and demonstrated it in his artwork time and again. Any shape or form can exist and still retain its identity to us within a bounded range of possible transformations if strongly anchored around a core prototype shape or form. What we understand to be ONE object, one shape, one form, is actually a quantum field of variants surrounding a core prototype, an exemplar.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The arrangement of physical matter is driven by the requirement to conserve energy, to maintain a state that costs the least amount of energy.

The patterns in nature that we resonate to - that are "pleasing" to us, may very well be optimized arrangements of physical matter with ideal energy configurations.

Geometric structures may perhaps be optimal configurations for the distribution of energy and matter that do not ever actually exist exactly in nature.

Mental structures, too, may follow energy conservation principles.

Energy conservation in a physical world of patterned matter.
Nature is efficient.