Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Superlattice Turing Patterns

Quite extraordinary!

"The study of pattern formation in nonequilibrium reaction-diffusion systems began with the theoretical analysis of Turing structures, which are stationary, spatially periodic patterns resulting from the interplay between pure diffusion and nonlinear reaction kinetics. Turing suggested that such structures could play a role in morphogenesis, and his point of view has gradually become prominent. The first experimental observation of Turing patterns occurred nearly 40 years after Turing's work, in a chemical reaction-diffusion system. Later, Kondo and collaborators showed that skin patterns in various small fish also develop according to the Turing mechanism."
- Dr. Lingfa Yang

Pattern in a Pattern

The sephirot pattern fits beautifully inside the Flower of Life pattern. Coincidence? I think, most likely, not.